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If you can't find what you're looking for on this website or on the Australian Lapidary Club Directory and would like to ask questions about the hobby then visit the Aussie Lapidary Forum (ALF).  ALF is possibly the largest forum in Australia devoted to the hobby and the membership is very active and helpful.

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Welcome to the Australian Lapidary Club Directory's website about gemstones.

Gemstones have been valued through the ages for their beauty and rarity.  They are naturally occurring crystalline forms of minerals, durable enough to be enjoyed for generations.

There are more than 40 popular gem varieties and many more rare collector gemstones. Although some gemstone varieties have been treasured since before history began and others were only discovered recently, they are all nature's gifts to us.

Many believe that gemstones and minerals also assist in mental and physical well being.  This website will endeavour to provide all types of information about gemstones including their physical and metaphysical properties.

Please enjoy browsing through our website.